How to Increase ROI Through Customization and Multiple Personas?

One of the most vital lessons a marketer learns is that the ‘one-size-fits-all approach’ does not work for digital marketing. One has to specifically know to whom one is selling a product or service to sell it properly. Even if you think that you understand your niche and know your audience, you might not entirely be aware of which audience groups to target precisely, increasing the costs you incur in the marketing process.

Thus a marketing campaign sent with one message to everyone in the audience might work with a product or service relevant to all sections of the demographics. However, most businesses are trying to serve a niche audience more effectively with their own business goals. And to achieve this, you can build multiple buyer personas, segment your list and customize your marketing messages according to these segments to improve the performance of your marketing campaigns. The experts at social media agency Columbus Ohio explain to you how businesses can benefit from multiple buyer personas.

What is a buyer persona?

In simple words, a buyer persona is a simulation of customers who would engage with your content marketing. It basically refers to creating a fictitious customer persona with a set of hobbies, interests, purchase decisions, and payment preferences that helps you boost the marketing performance. The professionals at social media marketing agency Columbus explain the concept of a buyer persona.

A buyer persona is a fictional representation of a particular section of your customers. They collect the details of what a specific set of customers prefer, their interests, where they spend the maximum amount of their time, what they spend it doing, and what their requirements are to serve them better. The number of buyer personas you require can range anywhere between two to fifty depending on the product or service you sell. Buyer personas help you target one particular section of your customer base and customize your marketing campaigns for them. Instead of targeting women of an age between 25 to 36 years with an above-average income level, you would be targeting Claire, a 29-year-old accountant who personifies that customer group.

Importance of customization and buyer personas:

Building buyer personas has several advantages to offer. A social media marketing agency can boost the performance of your marketing campaigns by incorporating multiple buyer personas. A digital marketing strategy anchored on leveraging buyer personas can lead to-

  • a 111% increase in email open rate,
  • a 900% increase in visit length,
  • a 100% increase in the number of pages visited, and
  • a 171% increase in revenue generated from marketing.

If you have a contingent of active middle-aged male customers for your shoe business, you can run an NBA street style page and target those men who play basketball. Building buyer personas drives customer satisfaction as customers get the feeling that they are being listened to.

Customer personas can be highly beneficial for businesses. Let’s introduce you to some real-life examples.

In 2012, Skytap, a company selling automated cloud-based solutions, implemented a marketing strategy based on buyer personas and customized content for each of their customer segments. They witnessed a 210% increase in the traffic to their website, a 55% rise in organic search traffic, and a 73% increase in opportunities for online marketing every year.

How to create buyer personas and customize them?

The experts at Columbus PPC company explain the process of making buyer personas in detail. The process starts with the segmentation of the audience by looking up this list of Google Analytics Audience Data. You have to make groups based on several characteristics like age, gender, interest, nationality, activity, and more. They can be defined by combining multiple attributes and demographics together.

After creating the groups, the next step involves data collection. You could do this by asking customers to answer surveys or segregate them based on customer behavior. For example, a customer looking for expensive mattresses is a premium buyer searching for comfort. You could also collect information by buying prospect lists with lists of parameters most suited for the persona.

The final part is customizing the content of your marketing campaigns to suit different categories of buyers with the help of buyer personas. This helps us create unique images, unique content, and unique offers by creating customer personas. More the personas created by your team, more the creativity of your marketing strategy.

Advantages of buyer personas:

Some of the significant benefits the buyer personas explained by PPC agency Columbus are as follows:

●      Buyer personas help to comprehend the needs of the customer.

By giving your audience a face and a representation, you tend to know your audience better who require your products and services.

●      Buyer personas allow you to create more personalized content.

When you understand the needs of a particular section of your customers, you are able to curate effective personalized content for them, which increases efficiency.

●      Buyer personas help you to generate more leads.

B2B marketers who employ buyer personas are likely to generate more qualified leads that significantly impact the overall marketing strategy.


It is high time you abandoned the one size fits all marketing approach. It is crucial to classify different categories of your customers to understand better the audience, which allows them to create better-personalized content for your customers. By managing your buyer personas, you can increase your conversion rates and obtain higher returns on investment from your businesses. This process of generating customer personas and customizing marketing campaign content can enhance the company’s performance and take it to the next level.

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