Top 5 platforms that provide the faculty development programme for teachers to consider in 2022


The occupation of a teacher, without doubt, is regarded as one of the noblest professions out of the endless list. Teachers play a bigger picture in the lives of their students. There is nothing more satiating for a teacher than to put their students in a comfortable environment. With proper guidance, future possibilities for a student are limitless. They assist students to overcome difficulties and obstacles in learning. Children with disabilities, too, face similar or more difficulties in the path of education. To overcome this problem, special education teacher courses are designed which train teachers specifically to support children with disabilities or special needs. 

Teachers inculcate ethical and moral values in children and plant seeds for the budding youth. They aim to provide formal education to every individual listed, irrespective of the disabilities. Teachers provide us with learning and education, and it is quite certain that we cannot touch these milestones without their assistance. 

This is why training them is equally as essential. Teaching is a career path that mandates high skills and professional expertise. Training is an indispensable factor in the career-building of a teacher. Faculty development programmes for teachers must be considered at all costs including online tutors. Click here if you need some help with a private tutor. These platforms train and assist them with conventional and professional practices.


Special education teacher courses are regarded towards teachers who deal with children with special needs, disabilities or challenges with communication, learning, emotional, mental or behavioural disorders. This type of education is usually distinct from the traditional type of education. With a degree in a special education teacher course, teachers can help students to learn about certain instructional techniques. Their teaching strategies are alternate and suit the best for the children it is curated for. 

Special education teacher course covers an integral portion of the faculty development programme for teachers. Accordingly, they tend to leave a positive impact on the lives and psychological development of children with special needs. 


As mentioned above, the faculty development programme is an integral part in regards to the career of a teacher. Truth is, teachers sometimes face several issues while looking up these platforms. Certainly, we have made it easier. Following are the top five platforms that teachers can consider for faculty development programmes in 2022:

  • OrangeSlates: They aim to build a global online community of educators to help them access training, certifications, coaching, resources, support forums, career opportunities and much more benefits. 
  • Educomp: It is a teacher-training company in India and collaborators with several corporates and NGOs for the enactment of teacher-training projects for teachers to incorporate technology into the school curriculum and to entrust teachers by giving them skills in the areas of inquiry-based learning, creative thinking, building problem-solving skills among students.
  • EduDoor: Their platform is specially curated for those who aspire to become a teacher and for those who are working for experience.
  • Vidhyanidhi: Vidhyanidhi Education Society (VES) is one of the biggest training associations administering several Teachers Training Courses in India and across the world. Individuals who wish to do the teacher training course but are confronting time limitations, responsibilities at work and home, are encouraged to pick this opportunity to continue their career in teaching.
  • INTESOL: It offers a Certificate course in Pre and Primary Teacher Training intending for early childhood educators. The course encompasses fundamental knowledge about early childhood teaching techniques as well as effective methods. It prepares aspiring teachers with apt skills as the primary and basic goal of the course. It is a 6-month course and it accentuates detailed knowledge regarding Pre-Primary as well as Montessori teaching. 

It gives them the right kind of orientation to the current world of technology and impels the students to attain knowledge on the grounds of innovations. 


Some platforms to look up to undertake faculty development programs for teachers are OrangeSlates, Educomp, EduDoor, Vidhyanidhi and INTESOL.

Special Education Teacher Courses allow teachers to become rational and hardworking teachers to each student. It allows teachers to enjoy many benefits that are not just exclusive to a special educator but go further too. Faculty Development programs have been proven to be successful in improving the skills of teachers in higher education. To meet the increasing diversity of students, their aspirations, and cultures, an effective Faculty Development Programme must be taken into account.

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