Setting up Facebook’s Best Marketing Feature – Dynamic Ad Creative

Facebook has developed an innovative marketing feature, focusing mainly on the creative to help the advertisers take the split testing to a new level – Dynamic creative optimization

Advertising on Facebook means putting all your trust in the algorithm that delivers your advertisements to the right audience for you!

Facebook’s Dynamic Ad Creative feature is the next great thing to the marketing tool belt, agree or not!

Why do you ask?

Dynamic creative could be an amazing tool for advertisers with too many assets who want to understand what creative resonates with different sets of audiences.

This Facebook ad feature tests the best combinations of the advertisement assets like images, videos, titles, descriptions, etc… across all kinds of the audience without having to do anything manually. It allows you to automate the preparation of the creative aspect of the advertisements based on the target audience you are focusing on.

Dynamic Ads look just like the other ads on Facebook Messenger, application Instagram and other social media networks. But dynamic creative tools automatically deliver the best combinations for your creative ad assets.

Facebook marketing has developed an innovative ad feature, focusing mainly on the creative to help the advertisers take the split testing to a new level

When to use Dynamic Creative?

– During the early stages of your project

– When trying out a new set of audience

– To increase traffic

– To improve conversions

– App installs campaigns

– Remarketing to people who visited your website

How to set up Facebook Dynamic Creative Ad?

To set up Dynamic Creative in your account and in your own Facebook campaigns, you will have to begin by creating a new ad set. It is accessible via the updated Ads Manager combined tool and Power Editor.

Create a new campaign or select one of your existing ones.

If you are creating a new Facebook campaign, start by naming your new campaign.

Note: Dynamic creative currently is available only with Traffic, Conversions and App Installs objectives.

Quick-creation Workflow

After drafting the new campaign, go to the ad set level of your campaign where you could enable Dynamic Creative. You will be presented with two choices:

1. Auction or Reach – that allows you to bid to reach the audience with price variations starting from the lowest.

2. Frequency – a fixed payment price to reach the brand’s audience

Campaign Objective

You will be shown a group of objectives for your campaigns that will be grouped into three categories-

1. Awareness

2. Consideration

3. Conversion

Select the one which fits right into your personal business application strategy/objective for promoting your brand, product or service. Complete all your ad settings now and start by choosing your

– Budget

– Target Audience

– Placement

– Optimizing

The targeting method can be chosen according to the Audience Definition Gauge that helps determine how to adjust targeting and budget setting.

Automatic Placements

Now, navigate to the ad level of your campaign where you start to add your creative asset variations. Select your Facebook page and formatting your ad is automatically set to image or video.

Note: Carousel ad format is currently not available with the dynamic creative feature.

It’s the time to choose what advertising platforms you would want to advertise on. It could be Facebook, Messenger, Instagram or others.

Now that your new ad set is completed you can start with creating your dynamic ads.

Best Practices of the Dynamic Creative

– You could access up to 10 images and videos

– Keeping the copy lines – Headlines and descriptions short

– Use a wide range of CTA options

– Reach a qualified audience with Facebook Pixel

– Be as creative as possible to uncover a gem

For the best and long term and short term results for your dynamic advertising, keep testing multiple ad variations time and again. You do not have to manually test as component variables anymore, thanks to Facebook’s Dynamic Creative feature, the new Facebook ad feature!

Many businesses today are comfortable using the Dynamic Creative feature to its full potential for various types of creative and innovative campaigns. Facebook marketing features have made the creative easy and people who have been using it for a while are hands down impressed and all going full-fledged experimenting with the Dynamic Creative ad feature!

And we would say that these business people understand the mass personalization of social media advertising and whatever this is not possible via old production methods. Because it becomes impossible to manually produce so many variants in different sizes while maintaining low costs.

This is when Dynamic Creative Management rules the game!

All of this cannot change the basics and fundamentals of advertising. To design a to-be successful social media creative, you still have to be audience-oriented, communicate the real benefits of your products or services and use a brand focused perspective!

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