How to Avoid Scam on eBay?

eBay is a great idea, and a place where people through click create eBay Business Account and become a seller. Many people have good experiences using the site. However, there are lots of eBay scammers that you need to watch out for while using it. Whether you buy or sell on the site, you should know about major eBay scams so you may encounter and can keep yourself safe. Here are the most common eBay scams along with solutions to avoid these scams.

1. Buyer offers to overpay

In such a scam, buyers lure you with a handsome amount for eBay Listing. To get your trust, they will also show you a bogus cheque. You sent an item and that bogus cheque bounce back but it’s too late. These kinds of scams are most common not only in eBay but also in other platforms too, because a good amount for a product tempts sellers easily and it’s too hard to resist. The simple solution of such a scam is not to ship products unless or until you get money in your hands or in your bank account.

2. Buyer Wants to Settle Outside eBay 

This type of scam is mostly observed in auction mode of selling, where buyers offer immediate payment to close bidding and settle commitments outside eBay. Soon after he blamed them for defective and poor quality products. You can try to dispute it, but eBay won’t help you because of eBay policy to not intervene in any dispute which is outside the platform. To avoid such scam never ever get agree to work with buyer, outside of eBay platform

3. Buyer Threatens Refund With Broken Replica 

You shipped a working item but the buyer complained that the product was broken and defective. They will get their money back along with the item. In such cases, you have to record all the unique information and details about your product for instance if you sell a mobile phone, record its IMEI number etc along with pictures. This may help you to win a dispute since unique information won’t match with the item shown by the buyer.  

4. Buyer asks to change delivery address 

Seller sends the product a few hours later and the buyer asks to change the delivery address. On the other hand, the product reached the previous address. Buyer disputes and denies that he has received the item. In such scams to avoid the buyer should confirm the address before final dispatch the item and provide all the information to eBay platform.  

6. Buyer claims you shipped an empty box

A buyer purchases from the listing item and you ship the item. When the buyer receives the product, he lodge a complaint that you sent an empty box. EBay stresses a return and ship back box empty. To get away from such a scam firstly check the feedback history of buyers which may indicate potential problems and secondly, you have to appeal to eBay along with the evidence for example pictures of product, weight and measurement of shipped product. To be on the safe side, sellers must take photographs of products packing and shipping you sell through eBay.

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