How is 5G better than 4G and 3G services?

The 5G service is so much better than its previous counterparts in a number of ways. The ‘G’ in 5G stands for generation. 3G, 4G, and 5G are mobile technologies that allow mobile devices to have a network connection. These various network connections vary in network speeds, and the newest version is 5G network connection. Mobile networking companies introduced the 5G technology in 2020 and it is not being used all over the country. Xfinity has also started its 5G mobile technology for its consumers, though if you are going to avail of Xfinity mobile services, you need to have Xfinity internet first. You can choose any deals from the Xfinity internet plans that you require for your networking needs and you will be able to have 5G speeds on your mobile device. The best part about Xfinity mobile service is that you can connect to the internet with any public or private Xfinity network connection within your range. 

3G, 4G, and 5G

The major differences between these three mobile technologies are their networking speed and reliability. The 3G mobile technology was deployed in the year 2004-05 worldwide offering speed up to 2Mbps which was as reliable as it was back then. The average speed recorded then was 144kbps. But then the 4G technology deployed around the year 2006 made 3G completely obsolete by offering a network connection bandwidth of around 200Mbps, and the average speed was recorded to be at 25Mbps. The year 2020 came and brought with it a mobile technology that completely destroyed the capabilities of its previous counterparts by offering bandwidth up to 1Gbps and an average speed around 200-400Mbps. 

Besides bandwidth and network speed, the time it takes for a network to transfer data, aka latency rate, also determines the reliability of a network connection. The latency rate for 4G is recorded to be 20-30 milliseconds, which means that it takes around 20-30 milliseconds for a website to load on your mobile device. But the latency rate of 5G is 10 times faster than the 4G technology and that is the real change that makes 5G stand out. 

Where can 5G be used?

With the 5G technology, mobile users will be able to conduct high-quality 4K video calls and downloads will be much faster for mobile devices and tablets. The gigabit technology will be useful for a handful of other heavy online activities like mobile gaming, uploading heavy files, and live streaming HD videos. Though it is already possible in the 4G technology, 5G technology promises data transfer under less than 10 milliseconds. Furthermore, this new gigabit technology could replace the in-home broadband technology as well.

5G in businesses and industries

It has been anticipated that the 5G technology will completely change the dynamics connecting humans and machines on an unprecedented scale and lead to new businesses and economic opportunities. A report estimated that 5G will enable a global economic output of a trillion dollars by 2035. That is magnificent in scale and sure to change the history of network connection.

For instance, through the 5G technology, the development of applications will be managed remotely by operators efficiently despite being hundreds of miles away. This is possible in factories, mines, or even remote surgeries. A real-time and life-changing network connection will enable industries and businesses to go wireless resulting in increased productivity and reduced costs. some have even speculated that the 5G technology will be able to create and connect smart cities and provide a supportive network to autonomous vehicles.

What’s the verdict?

The technological features of 5G technology completely render 3G and 4G networks obsolete, though 4G can be used in some cases. But 5G network technology still tops them both and is a much better option in most scenarios. With reduced latency and wider bandwidth, a large amount of information will be transferred between devices and that too in high-density locations like airports and areas where they will experience faster speeds. 

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