Google My Business: 3 good reasons to use it

Ever heard of Google My Business? This virtual showcase allows any professional to be visible on the Web. Opposite, for the Internet user, it is the assurance of finding an answer adapted to his localized request. So, merchant, entrepreneur, or liberal professional, whether you sell goods or services, how can your Google business listing support you in your development strategy on the Internet? Referencing, notoriety, and turnover, be ready to give a boost to your business thanks to your personalized business listing. 

1. Boost your local SEO strategy with Google My Business

Today, we know that 3 out of 5 requests concern a localized search, with a city name. A boon for professionals who use Google’s geolocation-based service. It allows users to discover nearby businesses, and this is the uniqueness of this technology: the prospect comes to meet you, and not the other way around. As the best advertising is the one that is not noticed, you generate qualified traffic (almost) effortlessly!

In addition, the interest of Google professional files is that they appear directly at the top of searches for Internet users who make a targeted request. For the search engine, it is the guarantee of responding as well as possible to the user experience. For you, a golden opportunity to improve you’re positioning.

Thus, the establishment whose form is correctly completed can be visible on the:

  • Google Maps, at the top of the results;
  • the Google Local Pack, the top area of ​​the local results search engine;
  • Google’s Knowledge Graph, a knowledge base displayed at the top right.

These placements are particularly interesting since they are ahead of the first positions on the SERP. Google My Business is like a magic turbo in a car game, it lets you overtake all your opponents. You still need to know how to drive!

2. Attract more customers to your site and to your point of sale

A digital tool, the Google business listing obviously generates traffic on your website, if you have one. You should know that the more reviews and comments a company collects on its profile, the higher it goes up in the search results. This visibility naturally generates qualified traffic. 

The other advantage of the Google sheet is to boost visits to points of sale. Recently, a study estimated that 3 out of 4 local searches lead the Internet user to go to a store within 24 hours, to finalize their purchase in 28% of cases (Google/TNS Consumer Barometer study). By developing his visibility on the Internet, the business manager, the physiotherapist, or the restaurateur will reach an audience that he could not have reached otherwise.

This is how a florist can create a discount, on a bouquet for example, in the “Offer” tab. sharing the publication, on its website and social networks will necessarily lead to opportunities for visits. 

On the other hand, the Internet user, who finds out about the busy times or the route as well as the travel time, travels with complete peace of mind. He just has to follow the instructions on his smartphone and let himself be guided. 

Undeniably, this dynamic communication, if mastered, can attract prospects to your points of sale. 

3. Increase your turnover with your Google business listing

Did you know that 8 out of 10 people do research on the Internet before buying a good or service? This is why today, according to many digital marketing professionals, Google My Business is an essential tool in an overall strategy.

Thanks to its powerful algorithms, the search engine connects the prospect to his needs, in other words, it makes the link between the consumer and the professional capable of satisfying him. Once your form has been completed and your information completed, nearby users who type a query relating to your business will be able to check with a simple click whether you meet their expectations. The audience generated in this way significantly increases the qualified traffic, and therefore the turnover.

Thanks to the many options of this virtual showcase, the Internet user knows your products and your services. Thus, in the “Event” section, a freelancer will be able to create a sales funnel, from making contact to the act of purchase. 

So, if you are still wondering how to generate qualified traffic on your site and on your points of sale, do not delay any longer. Build your web presence so you don’t miss out on many opportunities. 

Accessible and free, this Google offer is an opportunity for all professionals. All you have to do is access its dedicated space directly. Be careful, however, because creating and animating your own file takes time and above all a good knowledge of uses. If you want an optimized and dynamic file, call on an SEO Web editor who will be able to guide you in your project. 

Tips for an optimized business listing

Much more succinct than a website, the Google business listing must nevertheless be developed with as much care. First showcase, or complement your social networks and your website, it meets the same requirements: quality of information and writing, dynamism, and optimization of content. 


The basics of the Google business listing is writing the description as an expert Wikipedia page creator. With a credit of 750 words, this part must effectively describe your activity. Because filling out your profile correctly means benefiting from a virtual showcase in the image of your business. Also, to determine the type of information to deliver, put yourself in the shoes of your audience. What is she waiting for and what does she need? Considering user experience will help you craft your listing in a dynamic and engaging way. 

Note that the content must be original and provide added value for the reader. We must adopt a clear and effective style:

  • Avoid providing too much information in one sentence;
  • Think of calls to action, which open sales tunnels or guide your audience on your networks;
  • Insert keywords that respond to queries identified in your industry;
  • Prefer precise, even technical vocabulary, without falling into professional jargon, at the risk of losing your readers.

You can completely delegate this part to a professional writer who masters the codes of the genre. 


According to Google, listings that have photos have 42% more directions requests on Google Maps. Therefore, integrating your logo and beautiful images of your products will appeal to your audience. Virtual tour of your premises or shots of your team, this information will help reassure the consumer.


Like social networks such as Facebook, LinkedIn, or Instagram, the Google business listing allows you to interact with your community. Feel free to create posts on:

  • your news;
  • your products, offers, and news;
  • your online booking options;
  • your events.

Thanks to the analysis tool made available, you will know the number of views of each publication and the clicks generated. So, it’s up to you to invent the communication that suits you and offer your prospects what they expect. 

The last point not to be overlooked is customer reviews. They create a virtuous circle that engages individuals and professionals in demanding and quality relationships. This is why it is important to respond to them, whether they are negative or positive. For the positive opinions, there is no need to specify that a simple well-turned thank you is always a pleasure. In the event of a bad comment, above all, don’t be an ostrich. Go ahead with comments and take advantage of this space to respond and demonstrate pedagogy.

Some professionals fear this feature, which they consider a threat to their business. But do not panic! Perfection is not of this world; three-quarters of consumers have more confidence if they read negative and positive comments than only good comments. On good terms!

Now you know why the Google My Business listing can increase your visibility on the web and, at the same time, your turnover. Much more than a simple online directory or a virtual business card, your Google business profile initiates or completes your digital strategy by making your business accessible and attractive. So, if it’s not done yet, go create your profile and meet your prospects!

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