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Introducing Amaze PXM : The most easy-to-use PIM in the industry.

When it comes to eCommerce before you invest in ad campaigns ensure your product page is in order. As an eCommerce company, you cannot convert prospects into sales based merely on the claim you make in your ads. The final testing ground is your product page – where the prospects land to review the product. The product display page is directly associated with your brand image and determines how visitors and buyers think of you as a seller.

The product page is the most critical touchpoint where buyers interact with your brand and product. If created and managed well with product experience management (PXM) software, it can attract customers and increase the chances of sales. The more engaging and complete it is, with all the required information, the more value it can add to your digital commerce. Contrary to this, an incomplete and inconsistent product page could drastically impact your business and lead to decreased conversion rate and impaired brand image.

Your eCommerce product display page should have everything, from necessary information to engaging visuals. It should be able to feed customers with each piece of information that influences their buying decisions. While designing your product page, missing out on anything could lead to a loss in potential sales. There are ways to improve the design of your product page, but not all sellers are familiar with them. If you need a helping hand in this regard, Amaze product experience management (PXM) is the software you can deploy to do this. Amaze PXM helps you create and manage product pages faster and more efficiently than ever. The software lets you:

Describe the product extensively

Product content takes the driver’s seat when selling products through online stores. If it is complete, appealing, unique, and relevant, the chances of products converting sales are higher. It helps customers know what the product has in it for them. Did you know that 73% of buyers buy products compelled by the availability of detailed product descriptions? If you want your product page to persuade buyers to shop from your online store, it must have an appealing design and engaging product content.

Brands that provide more descriptive and detailed product content get more attention from buyers. The product page must include color, size, the direction of use, physical attributes, technical specifications, prices, offers, return policy, shipping details, the benefits it has for buyers, reviews and so on. Amaze Product Experience Management is a way to do this efficiently and quickly. With the help of its ‘create’ function, the software enables eCommerce companies to build persuasive and unique product content for the product display page.

Make it easy to be discovered

Get the product listing right for navigation as well as search. With the right taxonomy hierarchy, attribution and schema structuring you can ensure the product is easily discovered by online shoppers.

This further enables cross-linking of products for enabling personalized experience through product recommendations. 

Make the most of your digital assets

The product page is incomplete without using high-quality digital assets (DAs), such as images, videos, audio files, GIFs, etc. These DAs are critical to giving a 360-degree view of the products. While they make products look visually appealing, customers can visualize what it would be like to buy the product. 

With digital assets, you can better represent your products on the eCommerce marketplaces and persuade buyers to buy them. For the best use of DAs, renowned eCommerce players use integrated digital asset management software.

Amaze PXM, the industry’s first native-cloud software for digital commerce, leverages its DAM (Dazzle) module to help businesses better host, edit, and manage their brand assets. Amaze Digital asset management enables companies to build a master repository for all their media assets and bring powerful editing capabilities, using which they can take the visual presentation of their product page to the next level. If you deploy Amaze DAM in integration with Amaze PIM software, you can create and manage your product page more efficiently.

The bottom lineWith a single platform solution for PIM, DAM and Syndication, Amaze PXM provides a holistic way to create and manage your product display page across eCommerce marketplaces and distribution channels. The software adds value to your product page creation, improves the online shopping experience, and increases customer engagement.

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