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5 Most Important Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Home Repair Service

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It’s everyone’s dream to become a homeowner someday. This isn’t possible without considering a number of things, such as mortgage loans, budget, home repair services, and more. Being a homeowner is no joke!

All in all, owning a home is actually quite exciting as you get to choose and everything for your house from decoration to furnishing. That said, every home requires some form of work to be done by professionals.

A lot of people still manage to DIY home repairs themselves, but in all honesty, it’s not everyone’s cuppa tea, as home repair is likely to be out of one’s field of expertise, so let’s leave it to the professionals, shall we?

It’s always best to find a good and reliable home repair service. However, we understand that it’s easier said than done. Finding an excellent home repair service that will be of great help in times of crisis can in fact take some time.

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Therefore, we will be sharing some of the top questions you should be asking a home repair service before hiring them so that your property is well protected from inadequate home service providers.

How Many Years of Home Repair Service Experience Do You Have?

This is one of the first things you should learn about the particular home repair company you are considering hiring, which is, how long have they been in this industry? If you decide to hire a rather new company, it’s highly possible that your house will be more of an experimental site for the company, and not forgetting how costly and problematic it may get for you.

An experienced company that has been in the home repair service business for the past many years, would have already worked with many clients and also learned from their early days’ mistakes.

A home repair company that has vast experience will also have a much more functional system to ensure that their work is offered on time, is of high quality, and is within the homeowner’s budget.

Therefore, take your time to learn everything about the home service company before hiring them, because their story and history will give important insights to their work professionals and ethics.

Are You Insured?

There’s no excuse for a home repair service to not have insurance, it’s absolutely necessary. Once their contractors inform you that they do have insurance, you need to ask them to show their certificate of insurance.

But, what exactly is a certificate of insurance? Well, it tells you just how their handyman is insured. It’s important to have both workers’ compensation and liability insurance. If you don’t look into how the company is insured, you could be hiring a repairman who’s poorly insured for the repair work.

This is without a doubt one of the most important questions you should be asking the local handyman about. If you hire someone who’s neither insured nor licensed, you will be risking everything you own, because if anything was to go wrong, you might end up being legally responsible for it. 

Therefore, it’s vital that you understand the potential risks aligned with hiring an uninsured and unlicensed handyman.

How Can I Get in Touch With You?

When hiring a home repair service for a project in your home, it’s important to have a fixed point of contact, so as to avoid any miscommunication. What is the best way to get in touch with them? Who should you call if you have a question?

You need to ask what days and times are best to get in touch with them. Moreover, you should also ask them how long they usually take to respond. Some prefer benign contact via text, while others prefer to be called. Be mindful that communication is key to having a good home repair service.

How Will the Extra Charges be dealt with?

Home repair services usually provide an estimate before the start of your project so that you have an idea of how much all of it will cost you. However, unpredictable costs and events are inevitable.

This makes it important for you to let your handyman know that he needs to have your approval before spending any extra money. You should also make sure this is clearly specified in the contract itself to avoid any form of confusion in the future.

Can You Sure Your References?

Last but not least, it’s an advantage to be able to speak to the home repair service company’s reference, as these people can either vouch or alert you if you are indeed hiring a qualified contractor.

Now, if a company refused to share its references, that’s a BIG red flag. Any company that has been in the industry for a long time should be more than willing to share their references, as it’s an advantage for their business.

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Home repair services are an essential part of you benign a homeowner, and we just shared the 5 most important questions you should ask the company before hiring them.

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