How To Determine The Best Institute for Data Science in Bangalore?

Selecting the best data science classes in Bangalore is an exhausting task. Nowadays, numerous data science centers offer different types of course programs on data science. With so many options available in your surroundings, you should be able to select one that suits your preferences carefully. It is imperative to assess each course attribute meticulously before finalizing one.

Worldwide innovations have drawn people’s attention to the data science field. Its application around the globe has opened various job opportunities. But to enter and sustain this field, individuals need to have the required skill sets, which are only taught by reputed data science institutes.

Let’s explore how you can find a best-fit data science institute in Bangalore.

Course catalog and curriculum are the keystones of any learning program. The ideal curriculum should cover all the theoretical topics, the latest concepts, and practical learning. Simply put, it should be a comprehensive program that includes all the unskippable attributes of fostering data science education. In this case, it should cover statistics, machine learning, programming languages, data visualization, big data technologies, etc. Thus, match up to the other course curricula and look for the institute that gives tough, updated learning that coincides with the best industrial practices.

Faculty ingenuity can’t be overlooked as well. Faculty proficiency plays a huge role in structuring a good data science course curriculum. Their academic experience helps teach students, while their professional experience assists them in giving real-world examples of data science case studies to the learners. So, the young aspirants relate to the subjects more than the monotonous, one-way, bookish knowledge. To check the faculty experience, you can count on their academic degrees, industrial experience, research offerings, and teaching experience. Faculty’s whereabouts are often given on the websites of all the best institutes for data science in Bangalore. Therefore, faculty expertise promotes a better understanding of the course content.

Project work and other practical training generally come under the separate modules of data science coursework. Data science is a practical field and requires vigorous hands-on experience using data science tools and technologies. Sometimes, the institute, in partnership with data science industries, offers internships and real-world projects to make you job-ready. Plus, capstone projects, hackathons, and other competitions are the core part of practical learning and help build a stronger portfolio for the learner.

The placement support of any data science classes in Bangalore depends on its industrial connections. A good data science institute will have industrial backing from reputed industries. So, learners should also consider the number of industrial tie-ups while searching for the best data science institutes. They mostly promise 100% guaranteed jobs and groom you for facing interviews via mock tests, resume writing, and LinkedIn profile making. Thus, the factors related to the placement you should look for are placement record, recruitment companion, and alumni network.

Different categories of learners typically pursue data science programs. If you are a fresher, you might aim to step into a data science career. However, as an experienced professional, it is mainly because of your willingness to upskill for career transition or acquire senior data science job roles in the IT industry. Coming from two different backgrounds, your preferences, and circumstances vary greatly. You will prefer online data science learning if you are a full-time college lad or working professional. However, as a fresh graduate, you might not hesitate in enrolling to a classroom learning environment. Some data science classes in Bangalore also blend these two modes and present you with the third mode, hybrid learning.

Curriculum cost becomes the first filtering criterion when opting for a perfect program. Data science courses can be expensive depending on various factors, such as course structure, infrastructure requirements, course period, software access, etc. When comparing data science programs, it is not always about spending less money; you should also consider tuition fees, discounts, and return on investment along with the high course fee structure.

Although there are several best institutes for data science in Bangalore, some popular names include IISC, IIIT-B, Great Learning, INSOFE, Simplilearn, Jigsaw Academy, and Learnbay. These institutes have perfect outlines of their coursework and consist of all the above-discussed attributes: a comprehensive program, practical learning, theory-focused, job support, and even discounts on the course fees if you fit certain criteria. Some institutes even have special no-cost EMI options for easy fee payments.


Selecting the best institute for data science in Bangalore demands meticulous contemplation of multiple factors. The budget is one of them, but this is not a good measure to choose an institute. You should also evaluate the course contributions regarding learning, industry connections, faculty ingenuity, and project work they impart as an ROI.

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