So today we have our one new latest trending debate topic is broadband internet vs satellite internet so lets have some talk about that.


From so many years people are using broadband internet as their main source of internet either in office, home, educational institutions, bank and many more. Broadband internet is the oldest form of internet which people have been used from so many years and also used until today and long running future also. It is a simple and fastest way of providing internet speed to users. Broadband internet is simply transmitted through coaxial cables with the help of electric poles standing in front of our homes or near our homes. Broadband internet have two types of wire winding in it. One is the copper winding which is used from so many years and other is the fibre winding (called fibre optics) which is latest in technology.

Copper optics have been surrounded by copper wires in it’s inner part and in surrounding also and fibre optics have fibre in it’s inner part and copper wire surrounded by fibre. This inner cable wire helps to move data from one place to another place with the help of internet.

The broadband wire is as same as the tv cable wires install in our homes also which can help in catching signals. Copper wire transmits data but as compare to fibre optics fibre optics is far more stronger than the copper optics. Fibre optics (coaxial cables) transfer data with a very high speed rather than the phone lines which is used by DSL and dial up connections.

There are so many cable internet providers in the market today which will provide their internet connection at very different rates. Some provide their internet service at reasonable rate and some provide their internet service speed with very high maintenance budget. Some common internet cables providers in the market today is Wave Internet, Xfinity by Comcast, spectrum and cox.

  • Wave Internet Provider can give upto a internet speed of 250 mbps in our metro cities.
  • Xfinity Internet Provider can give upto a internet speed of 15-200 mbps in our metro cities.
  • Spectrum Internet Provider can give upto a internet speed of 200 mbps in any of the cities. Wireless  speed may vary from device to device and location to location.
  • Cox Internet Provider can give upto a internet speed of 25-954 mbps in remote areas also.


The most advanced, efficient and very latest technology is the satellite internet technology. Satellite internet technology is very simple and easy to handle and easy to operate. Rather than travelling to underground internet cables satellite internet is the most advanced techniques used until today. A satellite has been placed in earth orbits in the universe which gives signal to the dish receiver in the earth.

A dish receiver has been placed in the roofs of home to catch the signal receiving from the satellite. The satellite internet is the very best option until today because it can work in village areas, very deemed areas and in metro cities too. The satellite internet signal can be come from the space and it can be catch anywhere in the earth. The only thing you have to be for satellite internet is that you only need clear sky for good signal strength. So that’s why satellite internet is the best internet until today because it can work in rural areas and metro areas also rather than cable or fibre optics.

There are mainly two main satellite internet providers in the market today one is hughesnet and other is viasat. Hughesnet is the best internet service provider in the market today because it is cheaper in rate and faster in speeds.

Hughesnet internet provider can provide upto internet speed of upto 25 mbps. On the other hand viasat is for the high maximum speed user it can provide upto to a speed of 100 mbps. Both providers are easily available in the market until today. Satellite internet is very beneficial as compare to broadband internet.

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