5 Conversion Rate Optimization Tips for Lead Generation Sites

Your website’s design should be able to attract visitors who can be converted into final consumers. It can be done through the pricing page, homepage, landing pages, or blog. The conversions process can include everything from requesting a demo, signing up or registering for an email listing, or downloading a particular resource. Conversion Rate Optimization or CRO is a way to increase the percentage of website traffic or visitors who can fill up a form for converting into inbound leads. Anything from your skill to write an influencing copy to your graphic designing to UI/UX, each component on your website can affect conversion rates. Optimization of the conversion rates can help you attract extra conversions without forcing you to gather extra website traffic. Here is how a digital marketing agency can help you:-

1.Redefine your path of messaging around a user

Mapping the journey of netizens can help you understand how to attract potential consumers for conversion. Try to understand the user path by coming up with robust CTAs, compelling content, and an optimized design to increase conversions and drive actions. Your website’s landing page should be able to lead the users towards the action anticipated from them. Avoid creating designs that can confuse your users. Let the web page designs guide your users to your page with the help of strong call-to-action buttons.

Use compelling copies to explain the benefits a user can enjoy by filling out a specific form. Incorporate colorful and bold CTA buttons to direct your visitors towards a free sample sign-up.

2. Implement analytics insights

The process of CRO seeks you to understand how website users move forward through your website. Besides, the process seeks you to comprehend the action the users are more likely to come up with and the obstacles that are blocking your path. To rely on your optimization tasks on genuine behavior and hard numbers, try to leverage analytics. Avoid depending on gut feelings all the time.

You can choose from a range of analytics platforms that you find suitable. For example, you can choose from a combo of Google Analytics, HubSpot, Crazy Egg, and so on. Next, implement trackers for estimating your conversion rate.

You can focus on the following insights:

  • What is driving people to my site?
  • What are the features people like to engage with?
  • How are they spending their time on my site?
  • The type of referrer or channel that brought them to  my site
  • What kind of browsers or devices do they use?
  • What compels a user to leave the site instead of converting?

3.  Reduce the rate of friction on forms

To facilitate inbound marketing, it is vital to nurture users with worthwhile content offers that can equip them with a reason for conversion. However, it’s too common for users to leave a site-especially when they come across a mile-long form. You should streamline several forms by removing undesirable fields or utilizing progressive types of form fields. Besides, you should include different fields for capturing distinct facts when a user is filling up a second form. Minimizing form friction is the best way to aggravate conversions.

4. Conduct continuous tests

The process of conducting on-going experiments and CRO are intertwined. So, CRO is about conducting tests to examine what’s functioning and what isn’t. Also, you should be able to determine the factors you need to improve and work on. For example, several landing pages play an essential role in the conversions funnel and your website. They should include variables such as CTA text, images, number of form fields, and button color.

Testing is cheap and can be done quickly, BTC to NGN yet it can generate measurable and fast outcomes. Information that is highlighted from the testing methods can provide deep knowledge about your consumers’ preferences and identity.

5. Use of remarketing strategies to re-engage users

Probably, the majority of the users who visit your website aren’t willing to convert on the very first visit. The incorporation of remarketing can serve the website visitors with online ads on different sites across the internet. Consequently, you will be free to re-engage with your customers with the help of targeted and discounted offers. Thus, remarketing can bring your consumers back to your site’s landing page!

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